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How can I buy Logitech AP stock from FreeFlow?

FreeFlow.com through their private marketplace platforms allow approved members to view, bid & purchase discounted inventory direct from FreeFlow clients. FreeFlow utilize proxy bidding which forms the underlying bidding process of FreeFlow.com.

FreeFlow administer the process on behalf of their clients.

All Inventory advertised on FreeFlow.com will have a reserve price assigned to it. This will enable the bidding party to ascertain what the minimum expected recovery is on certain items.

Bids have to match or exceed the reserve to guarantee that FreeFlow clients will release the stock.

If bids do not match or exceed the reserve FreeFlow clients reserve the right to award the stock to the highest bidder within 48 hours of the auction closing.

Inventory levels may move slightly and FreeFlow clients reserve the right to allocate the stock based on the level of inventory remaining when the auction closes.

Buyers can enter a maximum bid on the auctions available on FreeFlow.com which ensures that buyers can re-bid automatically when their initial bids are exceeded.

Please note Manufacturer’s Warranty is not provided with any of the products purchased through any FreeFlow marketplace unless otherwise stated.

Buyers will be notified immediately once the auction closes on the status of their bid.

Once a bid is accepted, the successful bidding member will be contacted by FreeFlow and upon receipt of a Purchase Order and Payment, the Inventory will be dispatched from our clients facility via the preferred carrier of the buyer.

All Shipments will be Ex-Works.

How can I Open an Account with Freeflow?

All new users must open an account with FreeFlow.com which allows each applicant to be screened from a Trade & Compliance perspective.

Opening an account with FreeFlow.com couldn’t be easier.

• STEP 1: All you have to do is click on link to the registration page.

• STEP 2: You will be asked to populate the registration page and will be given the option to apply for access to all FreeFlow private marketplaces.

• STEP 3: You will be asked to review the terms & conditions of site membership and confirm acceptance of same.

• STEP 4: Fill in your details (name, address of company name, email address etc.).

• STEP 5: Each applicant can decide on their own user ID and password. The User ID and password must be greater than 6 digits.

• STEP 6: Last of all click submit and you will hear back from FreeFlow.com within 24 hours.

How do I pay FreeFlow?

Payment should can be made by Bank Transfer to Freeflow, Credit Card or PayPal.
Please note that the maximum amount that can be charged to credit card or accepted from PayPal is $5,000. Please note that there is a 3% handling fee on all credit card tranactions and 3.9% handling fee on all PayPal payments.

Can you tell me about shipping?

All shipments are Ex-Works and FOB our clients warehouse locations. Inventory will be available for pick up within 1/2 working days after payment is received.

Can I use my own freight forwarder?

Yes. All shipments are dispatched using your designated freight forwarder.This enables you to avail of existing rates you have agreed with your respective forwarder.

Who provides customs clearance?

Customs Clearance will be your responsibility. In the event that FreeFlow.com are requested to ship products each member is required to provide details of their clearing agent/house on each individual purchase order.

Is there a warranty with this product?

No. The entire product is sold without warranty, hence reflection in the price that this inventory is being sold out at.

Is there a fee for site membership?

No. Site membership fees are not charged. Access to private marketplaces is free, once the applicant is approved by the FreeFlow client.

Who accepts the bids on FreeFlow’s Private Marketplaces

FreeFlow clients has the responsibility to review and respond to all bids on their individual private marketplace powered by FreeFlow.

What currency does FreeFlow.com accept?

US Dollar and Euro’s

What happens if there is a problem with the product when it is received by the member?

Each member is required to notify FreeFlow.com within 24 hrs of receipt of the inventory, if there is a problem.

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